Lord's Resistance Army

LRA Attacks Devastate Sudanese Communities

“Tell them about our suffering here,” said the Bishop of Yambio of the Sudanese Episcopal Church. “The LRA is killing, raping and looting in our communities and the world does not know about it,” he added.  Read More »

Field Dispatch: Ex-LRA fighters paint a bleak picture of Congo

At least 31 former LRA fighters returned to Uganda in the month of September, after surrendering to Ugandan army forcers operating in Congo. This number, while still modest, represents a major increase from the past six months, when on average only a handful of LRA rebels returned each month. According to Ugandan army officials, this increase is a direct result of sustained military pressure by the Ugandan army.

"The ICC in Africa: Impartial Judge or Neo-Colonial Project?"

ICC Headquarters

On Thursday, the Great Lakes Policy Forum hosted a talk, “The ICC in Africa: Impartial Judge or Neo-Colonial Project?” Discussion focused on why frustrations towards the ICC have emerged, what the appropriate role for the organization is, and whether its involvement as an outsider can truly provide the reconciliation needed at the local level.  Read More »

Where Is the LRA Headed?

LRA fighters - AP

In a region and a conflict where conspiracy theories and propaganda play crucial roles, it has become almost impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. Rumors about where exactly the LRA are heading abound, some more believable than others.  Read More »

Will to Intervene: What Compels Countries to Act in Face of Genocide?

Genocide memorial in Kigali, Rwanda - Enough

What does it take to put into practice the notion that the international community has a responsibility to intervene when a country’s government is either unable or unwilling to stop mass violence committed against its citizens, or when the government itself backs the abuses?  Read More »

5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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A weekly round-up of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

Utah Student Activists Kick Off School Year with Successful Congo Campaign

U.S. Capitol

Amid all the chaos of the start of the school year, it seems college students have still found time to lobby Congress to respond to the violence in Congo. Recently, students at Weber State University in Utah made serious headway in the campaign to press U.S. leaders to address the deadly war in Congo, convincing their senator to get onboard.  Read More »

Uganda's Silent War (Newshour version; HD)

Dec 22, 2008

 Winner of the 2008 Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award and 2008 National Headliner Award, this BIR report looks at the impact of International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrants on the civil war and peace process in Northern Uganda. As seen on PBS Newshour.

The Brains Behind the LRA

Joseph Kony - AP
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