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New Timeline: Hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan - A Chronology of Recent Events

In recent days the renewed hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan have caught the world’s attention. However, the back-and-forth between the two countries has often been difficult to follow. In light of this, the Enough Project has produced a new timeline to chronicle the often confusing events along the border and in the negotiating room.  Read More »

New Factsheet: Implications of Oil Shutdown for South Sudan

In a recently released fact sheet, “What Could the Oil Shutdown Mean for South Sudan?” Sudan Policy Analyst Jennifer Christian outlines what the January 2012 oil production shutdown in South Sudan means for the economic future of the country.  Read More »

New Enough Report: Time Works Against Justice - Ending Impunity in Eastern Congo

In a report released today, “Time Works Against Justice: Ending Impunity in Eastern Congo,” the Enough Project looks at the historical precedent of a failed Congolese justice system and its far reaching effects on the peace and reconciliation process. The paper delves into the historical context for the culture of impunity in Congo and describes both the daily injustices and the blatantly egregious high-level examples of corruption that perpetuate a culture of fear, hopelessness, and resentment among the civilian population.  Read More »

Enough Report: Ensuring Success in Ending the War with the LRA

The Enough Project’s latest report, “Ensuring Success: Four Steps Beyond U.S. troops to End the War with the LRA,” outlines a comprehensive strategy for helping U.S. and African Union, or A.U., forces end the LRA and bring reconciliation to affected communities. Based on interviews in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Washington, D.C., in December and January, this military and civilian focused approach is comprised of four specific strategies known collectively as TTID: increased special forces troop contributions, robust transportation options, enhanced intelligence capabilities, and renewed commitment to promoting the defections of LRA commanders and rank-and-file fighters.  Read More »

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