March 2012

Progress on Sudan-South Sudan Border and Citizenship Issues in the Offing?

In a surprising move of cooperation, South Sudan and Sudan initialed agreements on citizenship and border demarcation in the latest round of talks in Addis Ababa, in the midst of heightened tensions and rhetoric between the two countries.  Read More »

ICC’s First Case Closes with Guilty Verdict for Congolese Rebel Leader

Concluding its first-ever trial, a panel of judges at the International Criminal Court issued a verdict in the case of Thomas Lubanga today, finding him guilty of recruiting child soldiers.

After a three-year trial, it is a landmark decision not only because it tested out the 10-year-old court’s process from start to finish but because it placed the crime of recruiting child soldiers at the forefront of an international trial.  Read More »

Video: George Clooney Behind Front Lines in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

Except for a few early risers, Yida refugee camp in Unity State, South Sudan was sleeping when an unlikely assortment of people headed north to the border with Sudan and over into the embattled Nuba Mountains. In the front seat of the ragged Land Cruiser sat Academy Award winning actor George Clooney, Co-founder of the Enough Project John Prendergast, and a handful of human rights researchers. Here is what we saw.  Read More »

Intel Publicly Sets Goal to Make Conflict-Free Chip by 2013

Intel conflict-free video

In a new video, Intel took a significant step beyond the commitments of other electronics companies by publicly stating its intent “to manufacture the world’s first verified, conflict-free microprocessor by 2013.” No other company from the electronics, jewelry, or automotive sectors have made a similar commitment, so this goal represents a serious step forward.  Read More »

Can the U.S. Use its Upcoming Security Council Presidency to Help Save Lives in Sudan?

The Security Council did something truly extraordinary last week, particularly given recent dissent among its members over Syria and other geopolitical issues implicating human rights: on March 6 it issued a Presidential Statement on Sudan and South Sudan that appears to exhibit a growing international consensus on certain critical issues.  Read More »

So You’ve Watched Kony 2012? Now Take the Next Step

If the hearing words “Kony 2012” doesn’t automatically ignite a spark of recognition, you are probably the last of a dwindling set of people who have not yet encountered this viral campaign taking the world by storm over the past week. As partners in the Kony 2012 campaign, Enough and Resolve have developed complementary actions that build off the massive success of the campaign and encourage new activists to go beyond awareness raising to take other meaningful steps.  Read More »

Global Post Op-ed: Next Steps You Can Take to Help Stop Joseph Kony

Kony 2012 - Global Post

In this op-ed for Global Post, I outline some steps people moved by "Kony 2012" can take to help end the Lord's Resistance Army.  Read More »

CNN Op-ed: How Obama Should Stop Kony

In an op-ed that originally appeared on the homepage of we write about the momentum generated by the new film Kony 2012 and what the Obama administration must do to stop Joseph Kony and end the Lord's Resistance Army he leads.  Read More »

Thousands March for International Women’s Day in Eastern Congo

Thousands of women marched through the city center of Goma yesterday in celebration of International Women’s Day. Women turned out in droves, participants explained, because this annual event is the only day of the year when their voices would be heard.  Read More »

Kony 2012: Ask the Enough LRA Experts

On March 5, Enough Project partner organization Invisible Children launched the Kony 2012 campaign and released a 30-minute video that has received more than 50 million views on YouTube. The violent operations of the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, in central Africa have almost overnight become the talk of the nation. To provide context for the Kony 2012 campaign, check out the following interviews this week with Enough Project’s LRA Policy Analyst Ashley Benner and Policy Consultant Sasha Lezhnev.  Read More »